Posted by: aigulkaz | March 18, 2010

Independence monument

Independence monument

The monument of Independence of Kazakhstan at Republic Square in Almaty is the composition of soaring into the sky Saka warrior with a leopard by his feet.

The prototype of this statue was the archeological artefact (V-IV c.c. BC)  called “Golden Man” because all his(her?) outfit made up from gold, has been found  near Almaty city.

The reconstruction of the “Golden Man”  was found in 1969 at excavations of the Kurgan Issyk, which is located in 50 km distant from Almaty city. The burial contained a skeleton of uncertain sex, in all probability an 18-year-old Saka (Scythian) prince or princess, interred with warrior’s equipment, variously dubbed “golden man” or “golden princess”, and with rich funerary goods, including 4,000 gold makings.

Golden man

This symbol of Independence of Kazakhstan was also unveiled by President Nursultan Nazarbayev in front of the Kazakhstan embassy in Washington.

The Independence Monument at embassy of Kazakhstan in USA

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