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Burabay National Natural Park- the perl of Kazakhstan

Burabay, the resort pearl of Kazakhstan, is a fantastic mountain land harboring mysterious wonders. Gorgeous pine forests, cliffs formed of neat gigantic natural bricks, and fantastical shapes of peaks resembling sometimes exotic, sometimes Egyptian pointed pyramids separated by serene lakes.

Although Burabay Park does not have any artifacts on its territory, every rock here has its own legend.

The SNNP “Burabay” was established in August, 2000 and it is under the supervision of the Administration of Presidential Affairs. The territory of SNNP “Burabai” is a part of the Kokshetau steppe, a mixed steppe and forest and hilly upland. The climate is extreme continental here, with hot summers and severe winters. The topography of the territory consists of lowlands, hills and plains.

There are many legends and stories about Borovoye. “When God was creating the world, one of the nations received the lands rich of forests, another got fertile fields with large rivers, and the third got the beautiful mountains and blue lakes. But the Kazakh ended up with only feather-grass steppe… This offended him and he asked God to endow him with some natural beauty. God took the mountains, rocks, beautiful pine and deciduous forests, blue lakes with pure water, and emerald fields covered with grasses and flowers from his korzhyn and spread them with a bountiful hand into the boundless steppes. It was the appearance of Borovoye; of one of the most picturesque places in Kazakhstan, which for its beauty and rare harmonic combination of mountains, forests, lakes, and unique flora and fauna received the poetic name “The pearl of Kazakhstan”.”

Borovoye is also the name of a health resort, which is situated in the Shuchinsky district of Kokshetau Region, 20 km from the station of Borovoye Resort (in the town of Shuchinsk). From the north it is surrounded by the Kokshetau Mountains at a height of 974m above sea level, covered with birch forests. In the neighboring of the resort are such interesting rocks and cliffs as: “Okzhetpes”, “Sphinx”, “Cow”, “Sleeping knight”, and “Knight”. The first private health resort was opened here in 1910. Average temperature in January is -16’C, in July is +19’C. Atmospheric precipitation is up to 400 mm, with about 2000 sunny hours per year. The main medicinal remedies here are fresh air and picturesque views.

A mysterious rock in the middle of Lake Boroboe in Northern part of Kazakhstan. Legend has it that the army of Ablai Khan took an Oirat princess captive and forced her to marry a Kazakh warrior. She fell deeply in love with one warrior but the others were jealous. So she said that she would marry the man who could shoot to the top of a rock outcrop near the lake. All failed the first time, but her love hit it on the second try. The rivals killed him so she flung herself in the lake and became Zhumbaktas (Mysterious Stone).

from Do you see young woman with hair, fluttering hair, light fluttering in the wind?

One can not be help but mention the lakes of Borovoye. There are many. Lakes Shychie, Borovoye, Big and Small Chebachie, and Koturkul glitter on the green atlas of the forest.

The small lakes Svetloye, Karasye, Gornoye, Lebedinoye can be seen from the Kokchetau Cliffs. The visiting card of Borovoye is the Blue Bay on the lake of the same name. Right out of the waters of the bay, Mount Zhumbaktas (Mystery, Sphinx) soars.



  1. It’s very beautiful place!!! I’ve been there and I strongly recommend (haha) everybody to visit this place))) you won’t regret! I amazed by this unusual stone just at the centre of Koturkul Lake 🙂

    • You mean, in the middle of Burabay lake?

  2. reallly impressive place

  3. Бурабай – одно из красивых мест севера Казахстана. Уникальность егоьв том, что здесь сочетаются сосновый бор и изумительный березовый лес, цветочные поляны и рощи с лиственницами и осинами. а еще у нас поющие леса. в затишье здесь слышны переливы синиц, “шутки” чижиков и неутамимаямая работа дятла. а в березовых лесах (у нас много сортов берез – плакучие, высокие, танцующие, стройные… ) ветер шумит! – голос вечности, вечного странника Ветра, который наверняка был свидетелем как Абылай Хан собирал совет. вохдух пропитан ароматом медовых цветов, горькимзапахом полыни и тонким вкусом череды, а главное отдаленным воспоминанием песен Акана Сери, Биржан Сала. вообщем приезжайте и увидите!

  4. S ydovol’stviem poedy tyda otdoxnyt’, prichem postaraus’ etim letom!!!Neobyazatel’no exat’ za rybezh’, kogda est’ takie prekrasnie mesta na Rodine!

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